• If you’ve ever watched football punditry shows and seen coaches in interview, you may well have wondered what it’s like to do a job like that for a living. We’re guessing, even, that – seeing as you’ve landed on this article in the first instance – that you’ve also pictured yourself in said role,...
  • The Olympics is just around the corner – who’d have thought it’s been a whole four years since the last one? – and we’re all gearing up for a summer of sports-related fun.
  • So you’ve woken up one day to realise your school years are long gone, yet you still have no real plan of action. Yet there is one thing: you’ve always loved sports. And now you’re asking yourself: is there any way I can make a career of that?
  • We doubt there are any happier football fans out there than those who support Leicester. Clinching the title after Tottenham drew with Chelsea, the win was so unpredicted that it’s believed by online betting sites that anyone who placed £20 on the team to top the league would take home £100,000 i...
  • Often, pressure can be a good thing. Spurring a team onto victory, it can help give them the boost it needs when the odds aren’t looking good.
  • Sports mad? Perhaps you can see yourself as the next big athletics coach, or maybe even a ball boy or ball girl? The fact is, there’s an endless amount of roles out there for those with even a passing interest in the biggest sporting event in the world: The Olympics.
  • Ah, Instagram! No one could have predicted quite how popular the photo sharing site would become – but it’s currently one of the most-used social networks. 
  • We know how it is; you overindulged over the weekend – or possibly even over the last few – and now you feel like ‘what’s the point?’ when it comes to the gym.