• If like Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in the film ‘The Bucket List, you have a few things you’d like to tick off your own ‘Things to Do Before You Die’ list, Vegas is most definitely the place to go. The fact is, you can do almost anything in the US hotspot known as ‘Sin City’.
  • With Summer *just* around the corner, we’re all raring to book a spot of sun. It’s all about having something to take our mind off the sun teasing Spring days and the fact that Christmas is long gone – as well as the merriment that comes with it.
  • Big foodie? For you, it might not be enough to simply head to a great hotel - you might also want to ensure it offers equally great food, too...
  • Man’s best friend: he’s called that for a reason – and we say it’s because you rarely spend any time apart. And none so is that more apparent than at the weekend, when man and pooch head out for a long-awaited stroll and a visit to the pub.
  • There’s a lot to be said for a chain hotel. The first plus point is you tend to know what you’re getting with a tried and trusted brand – and often, you know that if the service wasn’t quite up to scratch, it will (probably) be dealt with correctly and quickly too.