• To all our budding Chefs. This is THE time to shine...
    Sharpen your knives, string on your apron and show your worth.
  • Have you been working in the restaurant industry for some years now? Maybe you’ve worked your way up to head chef level? Your next move could be general manager of a kitchen or restaurant, or even a position as a private chef – how good would that be?!
  • There is no real secret formula to being a great chef; some people have it and others just don’t. It’s probably the same reason some of us are arty – and can create something wonderful when a pencil hits a sheet of paper – and others are instead great problem solvers.
  • If you’re to believe the British press, the Duchess of Cambridge recently enrolled on a two-week course at Leiths cookery school in a bid to brush up her skills in the kitchen. Of course, we mere mortals might not have a budget like Kate’s, or probably the free time, but there are still a number ...
  • Never has cooking been more dominant on TV than it seems to be today. With that in mind, then, the chances are you can reel off at least half a dozen names of top UK chefs with little to no thought. But what about the chefs making waves in France; can you name just as many?
  • Pocketed a cool work bonus just in time to see out the end of summer? There’s a host of things you can spend it on; a break away with your friends, or a few decent nights out. But how about throwing caution to the wind and putting it towards a really good meal at one of the UK’s best fine dining ...
  • You don’t have to be a trained chef to have a go at recreating some of the dishes you’d find in top restaurants the world over. If you’ve got a passion for food and plenty of patience, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving Michelin-style food a go at home.
  • You’ve heard the expression: ‘all the gear and no idea’, well here’s a new one: ‘all the gear and every idea!’ And by that, of course, we mean someone who’s as committed to doing something properly – be it a new skill or job – as they are in ensuring they have all the equipment they need to do it.
  • Every great chef has to start his or her culinary journey somewhere, with the commis chef being most cooks’ route into the role. As a commis chef, you’re well on your way to working your way up and becoming head of the kitchen, but it won’t happen without a lot of hard graft first.
  • If you love nothing more than getting cosy on the couch, mug of tea in hand and Saturday Kitchen on the box, it’s likely you’re also a big foodie. And a passion for food generally comes with an ambition to follow in the footsteps of people like Saturday Kitchen presenter, James Martin.
  • So you want to be a chef? The first thing you should know is it isn’t an easy profession to do well in. Possibly even above having a talent for the skill is also having the sheer passion to succeed; it’s a high-pressured environment. In fact, it’s probably how the phrase: “if you can’t stand the ...
  • While starting salaries for sous-chefs are fairly modest, make it to the top of your game and you could be earning hundreds of thousands of pounds. All for doing what you love, too; it can’t be bad!