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Working over the festivities.

Written by: Fran
Published on: 9 Dec 2022

Christmas and the lead up to the festivities can be the best part of the year to work in retail and hospitality. It’s obviously not for everyone, but if you are working, you may as well try and enjoy it.

The obvious negative is Christmas is a time for family and to be able to switch off from work. But let's focus on the positives. 

It can be fun

With increased demand for products and services, opening hours are often extended as big spenders are coming in thick and fast and generally spirits are high. Corks are popping a bit more frequently than the rest of the year to add to the party vibe. It’s a busy time so there is certainly no time for twiddling your fingers! Time goes faster when you’re busy – we can find a positive in anything...

The reins are loosened

As above, yes shops, restaurants, bars, and hotels are busier, but it can be a ‘relaxed time of the year’ from an employee’s point of view. Moods are brighter, people are celebrating and lots of businesses loosen the reins a bit during the festivities, taking a more relaxed approach.

Employers don’t want unhappy workers. We are talking Christmas music, relaxed uniform, and flexible working hours…. With overpay.

This is your time to shine

We can’t totally sugar (cane) coat Christmas. Of course, amongst the baubles and bubbles, it is a fast-paced challenging period. Tempers are frayed, queues are long, things will go wrong. Prove yourself. Step up. Take more responsibility, be the solution and ensure you are punctual, polite and have a great eye to detail. Employers do not want a recruitment head-ache at one of the busiest times of the year so if you have demonstrated you are flexible, reliable and hardworking, who will they be looking at in the new year for promotions or greater responsibility? You.

Try something new

With the impact of Brexit and the lasting effects of Covid, staff shortages are prevalent across hospitality, with many businesses having to close or allow less customers through their doors. So, if you have never worked in the retail, leisure or hospitality industry, this is the perfect time for you to get some experience. You will learn some new skills, equipping you for a potential new career in 2023. 

And remember, ensure you maintain a healthy, work-life balance. Love what you do.

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