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Working during the Christmas festivities....

Published on: 13 Oct 2016

Working-during-the-Christmas-festivities hero

There is increased demand for products and services, and often opening hours are extended as big spenders are coming in thick and fast and generally spirits are high. Corks are probably popping a bit more frequently than the rest of the year to add to the party vibe. 

The atmosphere can sometimes be described as chaotic, with shoppers rushing out to get last minute bits and office parties cramming in hundreds of party goers in to small pubs and/or eateries but its all done in good spirit, (mainly). 

Although shops, restaurants, bars and hotels are busier, it is (although sounding slightly contradictory) a fairly relaxed time of the year. Customers are in high spirits, so you should join them wishing them a wonderful Christmas, serve them with a smile and help people in choosing their dear ones the perfect Christmas present. 

Of course many working in Leisure and Hospitality have to work on Christmas Day, which doesn’t appeal to all but it has some perks. It’s certainly not a ‘normal day at the office’, and most Managers will relax a little to ensure workers can also enjoy and be part of the Christmas festivities. 

With more customers coming through the door than any other time of year, and some staff not wishing to be at work during this period, it can be a headache for employers.  This is your time to sparkle. If you prove you are happy to work during Christmas, and take the extra shifts and even more responsibilities, it can only show you in great light to your employer, and perhaps encourage a promotion in the new year. Everyone loves dedicated, and happy staff. 

Lots of employers are already searching for their seasonal Christmas team, so don’t delay. Search today