Why Mondays are universally hated. How to stop hating Monday.

Published on: 10 Feb 2023

For many it signifies the end of the fun and freedom of the weekend and back to routine, early starts, school runs, and for most it is a working day. Even if you love your job, it feels like a long stretch to the weekend (again!). You may feel tired and overindulged from the weekend, which then leads to feeling overwhelmed about the long week ahead.

Let’s give Monday a break.

Have positive thoughts towards it. Stop hating Monday, to reinforce this message in your mind. Your mind can be a powerful tool. Instead, simply look at Monday as a fresh start, rather than the enemy and the reason your weekend is over.

Be prepared on Sunday so that the earlier start is easier. It’s amazing how feeling organised can make you feel more prepared for the day ahead. Prep breakfast, sort your packed lunch, and organise your clothes the night before, so the morning is smooth rather than frantic. Nobody wants to be running out the door with wet hair, chewing on toast and forgetting your mobile!

Get some exercise. We all know exercise is a great way to boost your mood and energy levels. The hardest part is getting going, so plan. Set that alarm, be committed, and pretend the ‘snooze’ function, doesn’t exist! Whether it is a quick yoga session, jog, or workout at the gym, a little bit of physical activity can go a long way in helping you feel happier (and maybe a tad smug!) on a Monday morning. It is also proven that if you work out on a Monday, you are more inclined to continue during the rest of the week as ‘you have started the week well’.

Early rise -If exercise really isn’t your thing, still set that alarm a little earlier. Get some ‘you time’ before the mad rush of the week. Stretch, do some meditation, read a chapter of your book, or just sit in the still with a cuppa. Taking a bit of time for yourself will put you in a more positive mindset.

Plan something to look forward to be it a coffee date with a friend, a cinema night or a special outing. It can make the start of the week feel less daunting or dull.

Try with your appearance. It’s remarkable what a difference this can make to your mood. A nice clean outfit, clean hair, shaven face, or a bit of lippie – it’s also a positive sign to those around you. It shouts of ‘I’m ready for the week’.

Talk about your weekend, ask your colleagues how their weekend was. Taking an interest in those around you, not only sparks good vibes but enhances your working relationships.

Create your ‘to do’ list so you know what is on the schedule for the week so nothing feels overwhelming, ­­and you have a structured plan going forward.

Listen to some happy music. Our favourite melodies release dopamine – the feel-good hormone which turns on our brain’s pleasure and reward system.

Practise a little bit of gratitude.  Reflect on the things you are grateful for, focusing on the positive things in your life and shifting from the negatives. Leave behind the ‘poor me!’ – and remember Monday isn’t as devastating as you think it will be! You’re breathing, moving and living.. It is going to come around again pretty quick… again and again, so learn to love it.