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What's cooking ...and how to dish out the best

Published on: 3 Oct 2017

whats cooking hero

Food has become rather fashionable of late. Everyone is talking of it's virtues, with well executed photos being splashed across Instagram and other such platforms. Healthy food bloggers are certainly the new trend with a wealth of 'how to' and recipes for foodies. 

Eggs and avocados are certainly in their prime right now and the rather 'in' sour dough has knocked good old Hovis off the top shelf.  Food is our petrol after all so what are the top trends to make you alert and power through your working day? To be properly fuelled is just as important as a good sleep and keeping hydrated. 

Fish and eggs - the highest source of protein and an impressive 30% of your daily requirement.  Nuts, particularly almonds fantastic when soaked overnight to boost their super powers and give you a surge at the same time. Our green friend the spinach, high in magnesium and vital for providing energy. Perfect for a breakfast addition to your eggs, lunch or dinner. We love versatile... raw is obviously best. Salmon, packed with omega 3 fatty acids is fully of super stuff to convert food into energy - healthy wake up call to avoid that post lunch slump. And out with the beige and in with some colour - the brighter the better. Let's talk red - red peppers, red tomatoes and of course red sweet potatoes are notoriously the better choice; grilled, smashed and roasted. Your best new spud pal especially as we turn into the cold winter months.

If you know your aubergine from your courgette, your tahini from soy and Hallumi from yesterdays mild cheddar.. you could be the perfect addition to countless companies looking for talented chefs. It's a candidate's world right now in the Cheffing world and fabulous brands like The Pig, Beds and Bars, Brasserie Blanc, Fullers, and Dim t and are all recruiting. From high street chains to unique dining experiences, start your search today.