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What Chance Do England Have At Euro 2016?

Published on: 1 Jun 2016

What Chance do england have at euro 2016 hero

Often, pressure can be a good thing. Spurring a team onto victory, it can help give them the boost it needs when the odds aren’t looking good.

Sometimes, though, a little bit of pressure can have the opposite effect too. And here in the UK we know that only too well, with the England football team often responding in a negative way to equally negative press. Unfortunately British sports media specialises in a 'build em up and knock em down' technique...

That said, this time around pressure surrounding the Euro 2016 is low – and that’s for one reason only: expectations are low as well. When little in the way of expectation is placed on a team, it stands to reason that the pressure is well and truly off. Well, a little at least!

With that in mind, we think this could work in the England football team’s advantage. Going into a major competition like the Euros with few worries in terms of the public’s or the press’ reaction, might cause our players to enjoy a renewed vigour for the game.

This time around though, the team’s relative youthful side could well prove to be a positive as many of the young players seem to play free of the pressures of the 'golden generation'. Also with the number of teams in the Euros increasing this year, it’s thought that that could water down the competition. What this means for England, then, is that they potentially have a higher chance of progressing!

On really good form in the qualifiers, winning 10 out of 10 matches, England can certainly build on their success up to now. They’re potentially in a tricky group – Russia are a decent side, after all, with Wales possibly rising to the challenge and upping their game due to local rivalry – so this could also have an effect. Slovakia also beat Germany recently in a friendly so they will be no push overs thats for sure! 

As always, England will be well supported by travelling fans and this will undoubtedly help give them the edge in close games. Support from your fans can’t be underestimated, after all; it’s one of the reasons Leicester did so well in the Premier League.

It does, of course, come down to the coach and the players And if you’re thinking of getting into the industry by starting out as a football manager or coach of a local team, it’s certainly worth thinking about the pitfalls of a role like this, too! :) 

Can you stay positive in the face of negativity – from team players and their supporters – and can you remain level-headed when success comes your way?

It’s all down to your unique character traits; it doesn’t always come down to skill and ability. Work your way up and you too could have a football team below you, ready to champion at any given opportunity.

The press can definitely be a tricky bunch – and we reckon it could be difficult for managers and football coaches to remain positive when so much backlash continues to come their way. That said, we’re very much rooting for England and we feel for a side that doesn’t always have its supporters – those that should be behind their team – rooting for them too.