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Top Tips For Hotel Comparison

Published on: 15 Apr 2016

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With Summer *just* around the corner, we’re all raring to book a spot of sun. It’s all about having something to take our mind off the sun teasing Spring days and the fact that Christmas is long gone – as well as the merriment that comes with it.

But when it comes to ways to compare hotels online, there are plenty of tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of them. If you’re going to book a break, you’ll no doubt want to make sure you snag the best deal possible. The start of the year is where we are more likely to tighten our purse strings, after all.

So we’ve put together some top tips for striking when the iron’s hot and getting your next holiday in the bag!

Save Up First – A bargain only feels like one when you’re not making yourself skint to snap it up. Instead, save the money up in advance and then look for the deal. That way, when a deal crops up you have the money waiting and you’re not sinking into your overdraft. 

The good thing about doing that, of course, is you can bag a deal for a leisure break in a mere two or three weeks’ time – and there’s something quite exciting about knowing that you might only be a month or so away from your next holiday.

Don’t Forget the Reviews – Hotel deals via hotel comparison sites aren’t good deals if by snagging them quickly – and often, with little thought - you feel as though you’ve been misled. 

Remember, a hotel manager could feasibly write anything in the description you see on their website about the property – so make sure you see what others think of the venue in question by hitting up sites like TripAdvisor first. 

Subscribe to Newsletters for Even Better Deals – Pretty much all websites trying to sell you a holiday or two will send out a newsletter to their email subscribers, in a bid to reel them in with good deals. 

Simply by adding your email address into the sign-up box and receiving the odd email, you may hit on a not-to-be-missed megadeal somewhere along the way. From hotel exclusives to cool and quirky venues like underwater hotels, you’ll be treated to all sorts of offers you just wouldn’t get if you didn’t first sign up.

Stay Savvy – Now this one ties in with point one or two – it’s so important not to rush into a big purchase like a holiday. Be aware of any political conflict in your holiday destination of choice, and keep an eye on the weather, chance of illness and other factors which may or may not add up to a holiday you’d prefer to forget.

Shop Around – Don’t be tempted to just use the one hotel finder site; there’s nothing wrong with making the most of a few. Once you’ve found a great deal, don’t accept that it’s necessary the best one – keep looking, as you might just find it even cheaper elsewhere. 

Above all, though, searching for a holiday should be enjoyable and fun so try to keep it so at all times!