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Top 5 Gym Fails You Must See to Believe!

Published on: 30 Jun 2017

top 5 gym fail hero

With the right personal trainer, gym fails should not be happening – but they still do! Wait around long enough in any fitness centre in the UK or abroad and you might just see one or two. 

The reason is often simple: people don’t know how to use the equipment. And if that isn’t the excuse behind an epic gym fail, it’s because fitness lovers overestimate how strong they are. So, to highlight what you certainly shouldn’t be doing during your regular workout, here are five times it went oh so wrong on the gym floor.


1 - That Time Someone Took on Too Much – If you don’t think you can lift that weight, don’t attempt to – unlike this man. It’s always better to work your way up to the larger weights, rather than go straight in with the biggest you can find. Take our word for it, it isn’t a cool look!


2 - That Time Someone Went Too Far – There’s always someone who gets a little too obsessed with the gym, isn’t there? Know someone who resembles this? Maybe it’s time to politely tell them they should have a cheat day or two – and just give the workouts a rest for a while! Think you could do better? Why not check out Xercise4Less Jobs? You can then give people the advice they should’ve heard long before they let their love affair with the gym get too serious!


3 - That Time Someone Nearly Caused Themselves an Injury – This one’s an all too common scenario in the gym; if you don’t pace yourself properly, you’re likely to get hurt – even with a gym instructor right behind you.


4 - That Time Someone Didn’t Rest – If it’s the day after leg day and you’re still sore, don’t overdo it by grabbing a skipping rope and trying to jump. Noooo. It just won’t happen. Witness this girl’s pain as she tries just that – ouch! This is an example of a time when a personal trainer should’ve stepped in and told her to simply take it easier. Do you have the magical gift of foresight? Know when someone is going to make an awful error? Looks like gym instructor jobs would be perfect for you. You could help prevent these gym fails, once and for all!


5 - That Time Someone Didn’t Understand the Concept of a ‘Running Machine’ – Even if you’re not a regular gym-goer you’ll know what the treadmill’s for. But not this lady, who decided she’d have a little sit down on one. We get it, she’s probably shattered from her workout (and the last thing anyone wants to do is jump on the treadmill when they’ve already done hundreds of reps elsewhere in the gym) but the gym’s there to work out in. So, come on, lady, pick yourself up and have another go! 

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