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To all our budding Chefs. This is THE time to shine...

Published on: 10 Oct 2017

To all our budding Chefs

As we know, to be an excellent Chef takes passion, skill and qualifications that are highly valued (more now than ever), and very much needed in the ever evolving and growing hospitality sector.

It is prevalent in the cheffing world that we currently have a Chef crisis with a lack of highly skilled Chefs. This is certainly not a new thing and has been recognised for some time but the industry has changed of late with pallets and food 'art' becoming more sophisticated.. and skills in the kitchen having to represent and support this.

Chef employment is on the up so skills need to be finely tuned to fill the recruitment gaps. Competition has never been tougher with increased talent coming from outside the UK and movement across jobs, hence longevity in one role is in decline.

Employers can and will train on the job and are re thinking necessary pre-requisites to fill the gaping holes. Schemes have been developed over the past 12 months to again address such issues and resolve the growing problem.

Working in the hospitality industry is rewarding, albeit the sometimes viewed negative hours and pressure of the kitchen life. With more and more trendy operators opening, it is wise to see the value of working across the board, to include Pubs where you can work your way up and not just within the glamorous pop ups, restaurants and hotels which are often deemed better, sexier roles. You can put your stamp on any menu with the desire and passion that you clearly have.....that put you on the chef career ladder in the first place. 

Where demand is outstripping supply, if you're just starting out in the industry, consider a career in hospitality, more accurately- food. It's a versatile industry which readily accepts transferrable skills that many of you happily possess. If you choose a good employer that looks after you well, trains you on the job and provides career advancement, burn out will be less and retention higher.

Have a look at the many opportunities you can develop and learn with and choose a Chef role today. Search