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Three Sports Roles You Don’t Need a Degree For

Published on: 2 Jun 2016

Three sport roles you dont need a degree for hero

So you’ve woken up one day to realise your school years are long gone, yet you still have no real plan of action. Yet there is one thing: you’ve always loved sports. And now you’re asking yourself: is there any way I can make a career of that?

The answer is of course a big, fat yes! And guess what? There are plenty of sports industry jobs you can train for that you don’t necessarily need a degree for. 

With that in mind, if you’re looking for some much-needed inspiration ahead of your next big career move, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three roles you could aim for:


Sports Journalist – If you fancy writing about sports and the sporting industry, your luck’s in! You don’t need a degree to do that, although you will need to complete an NCTJ course

The National Council for the Training of Journalists offers journalism courses and qualifications – and once you’ve completed the course you’ll be in a much better position to get a job on a local newspaper.

From there, who knows where you’ll end up. Maybe you’ll go on to write for a sports magazine, or even end up as a pundit on national television.


Personal Trainer – Okay, so it isn’t necessarily straightforward ‘sports’, but a personal trainer will be required to learn all sorts of sporting disciplines before he or she gets his qualification. 

It isn’t always as simple as knowing your stuff when it comes to fitness and health. You’ll probably need to complete a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing, which you can enrol on relatively easily if you can show you have a keen interest and some experience transforming people’s fitness levels.


Football Coach – If you’re even remotely interested in football it’s probably crossed your mind at least once about becoming a football coach. And the fact is, you don’t need a degree to become one. It’s now even easier than it ever was to get into the industry and become qualified, so have do you do it?

The Football Association runs all sorts of courses just perfect for anyone who has an interest in giving the qualification a go. At Level 1, you’ll learn everything from emergency first aid to practical skills like understanding defence, warming up and cooling down, group work and dribbling, turning and shooting.

Think a role in the sporting industry’s for you? Do your research and put in the legwork as soon as possible; it’s a competitive industry and one that’s constantly evolving. There’s always someone younger and more skilled to think about, so make sure you hone your skills as much as possible before enrolling onto a course.

Once you’ve bagged your dream job, it can prove a rewarding and fruitful career. From coaching football or tennis to writing news stories about sport and the industry in general, there’ll always be something to try and there are plenty of industries and roles that complement a sporting job as well.