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The Very Best Supermarket Black Friday Deals!

Written by: Sean Revell
Published on: 28 Nov 2014

So here we are again, Black Friday is upon us, a day where retailers rejoice about the biggest shopping/present buying weekend of the year. The Black Friday phenomenon is relatively new to the UK but this US tradition of retail celebration has unsurprisingly gone down well here and throughout Europe.

So what is Black Friday I hear you ask? Well, it’s the first Friday after Thanksgiving, where most people in the US get the day off. This has resulted in the busiest shopping day (offline and increasingly online) and weekend of the year. It’s name is believed to have come from when retailer profits go from red to black although there are other theories found on it’s Wikipedia page.

Basically Black Friday is a special time of year when retailers online and on the highstreet shift a lot of stock by drastically reducing prices on hot items for a limited time only.

Amazingly Visa Europe are expecting UK shoppers to spend approximately £20,000,000 an hour (or £6,000 per second…) in their quest to find the best discounted goods for themselves and their loved ones.  And if one day or weekend wasn’t enough we also have ‘Cyber Monday’ to look forward too in an attempt to make an online equivalent. As you can imagine this has now resulted in a 4 day shopping frenzy!

However, as everyone knows to get the best deals you need to know where to look… So, we’ve checked out some the UK supermarket giants and their deals so that you don’t have to!



When? – Asda is holding their Black Friday in-store deals on Friday 28th of November and Saturday 29th of November

What’s Available? – There will be different specific deals each day and they will be available in all participating stores (check whether your local store is participating here at the bottom of the page). An expected 700,000 products will be reduced over the 2 days and the sale will start 8am Friday morning.

Research – You can keep an eye out for the latest specific deals by checking out this section of their website. It currently shows the main products that will be discounted although doesn’t show the exact prices for all products just yet (to keep you interested!)

Standout Deals 

  • A Polaroid 40” LED TV is down from £219 to £139,
  • the Samsung Galaxy Note 8” has £100 off at £149 (RRP £249),
  • the Little Tikes Activity Table is half price at £20.
  • A Coleman 400 ATV 4X4 Quad Bike is £3,500, down from £6,500 and is available online too.



When? Sainsbury’s is holding their Black Friday in-store deals on Friday 28th of November until Sunday 30th of November.

What’s Available? The main discounted products will revolve around kitchen electricals, audio goods, tablets and televisions. The sale will be based on a ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone’ basis meaning that if you want something you better get there early! This sale will be running in 485 stores and you can call their specialist helpline on 0800 63 62 62 to find out whether your local store is participating. Offers will be live from 1am in its 24-hour stores and from normal store opening in all other stores.

Research – If you want more information on the Sainsbury deals we recommend signing up to their email services as they have used this method to contact their customers about the best deals arriving over the 3 days. They also have a webpage that describes their sale and their standout products. One thing to remember is that customers will only be able to buy one of each product.

Standout Deals 

  • A Dyson DC24 Animal vacuum is half price at £159.99
  • Blaupunkt 40 inch LED TV at £149.99
  • Kenwood stand mixer (white) at £79.99
  • Song GTKN1BT speaker at £69.99



When? Tesco is holding their Black Friday in-store deals on Friday 28th of November but doesn’t have an ‘end’ date, presumably Sunday 30th of November.

What’s available? The sale will include a variety of products ranging from electrical, mobile, DIY to children’s toys and entertainment goods. The 200+ deals will begin from 00:01 Friday morning and includes over 300 stores and online.

Research - Check out the Tesco’s Direct webpage from Friday onwards to find out more information on the latest deals.

Standout Deals (Tesco’s are remaining tightlipped on specifics)

  • 70% off a leading branded coffee machine
  • 50% off a HD-ready LED TV
  • Significant discounts off gaming console bundles

Whoever said Black Friday wasn’t a thing in the UK? So who wins out of  Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s? Looking across the 3 supermarkets it’s hard to decide a winner as their deals are all equally impressive, we’d recommend checking out their sites and filling up your car with enough petrol to get around to all 3 stores! Obviously there are more stores offering Black Friday deals so I wanted to leave you with a few other online options if your credit card isn’t tired enough…