The Definitive Guide: How To Become A Sales Consultant

Published on: 11 Sep 2018
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What is a Sales Consultant?

  • Job Description

    Are you hungry for success, ambitious and persuasive? This could be the career path for you.

    A sales consultant is responsible for maximising sales by contacting clients via the phone, email and face to face. You will be expected to find clients and then convert leads into sales. You will need to have extensive knowledge of the products and services that you are selling in order to answer any questions that the customers may have, as well as being able to demonstrate and teach the customers how to use the products.

    You will have to be extremely hard working, as you will have sales targets to meet. As you will be earning commission, it’s up to you to put your all into this job each day. You will truly benefit from working hard. .

  • Hours of Work

    Working hours will depend on the company that you are working for. You could be working early mornings, evenings or even some weekends. Full time hours are likely to be a minimum of 40 hours per week, but you might have to work overtime in order to regularly meet your sales targets.

    On the other hand, you could be working the normal 9-5, Monday – Friday office hours, but again this will depend on the company that you work for.

    You will be expected to attend networking events or trade shows which could be outside of your normal working hours.

  • Main Responsibilities

    So, what will your main responsibilities be as a Sales Consultant?

    Duties typically include:

    • Consulting with customers to better understand their wants and needs
    • Generating new ideas of how to sell products to customers
    • Contacting customers via telephone, email and face to face
    • Negotiating prices
    • Demonstrating products to customers
    • Answering any customer questions or queries
    • Recommending products
    • Taking payments
    • Recording sales and keeping client records
    • Attending trade shows and networking events
    • Developing and maintaining relationships
    • Keeping up to date with market trends

Key Sales Consultant qualifications

Do you have the qualifications to get the job?

There are no set entry requirements to becoming a sales consultant although employers will usually expect you to have GCSE’s grades A*-C. Experience, attitude and willingness to work hard will prove more than further qualifications.

Don’t panic if you’re a newbie to sales though, most companies will often offer full on the job training.

If you are looking to progress to a sales management role later on in life, it may be beneficial to get a degree in sales leadership or sales management, or take a look at the following qualifications:

sales consultant education

Vital Sales Consultant skills

Want to know if you’ve got what it takes? These are the skills you’ll need for the role:

  • Communication skills
  • Excellent customer service
  • Persuasive
  • Informative
  • Personable
  • Good listener
  • Positive
  • Ambitious
  • Strong networking skills
  • Ability to develop and maintain relationships

What is a Sales Consultant’s salary?

Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty…

The average starting salary for a sales consultant is £15,000, however this can increase to around £35,000. As you will be earning commission, your overall pay will be dependent on how driven you are and how hard you work each day.

sales consultant salary

How to become a Sales Consultant?

Now that you know what a Sales Consultant does, how do you become one?

If you are stuck for how to get into this career, why not consider doing an apprenticeship? You will be taught everything you need to know, with full support and you will also gain a qualification whilst earning a wage.

If an apprenticeship isn’t for you and you are ready to be chucked in at the deep end, then go for it – there are so many opportunities online for you to apply to.

How to develop your Sales Consultant career?

Once you have proved yourself as a successful sales consultant, why not take your career to the next level. Some companies might offer management-training schemes. You could work your way up within the company to become a sales manager. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

There are so many industries that you could end up working for, why not combine a personal passion of yours with your career? You will excel in a career that you love, and if you like to travel, then keep your eye out for sales jobs with travel opportunities.

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