Summer Jobs: Our Top 5 to Look Out For

Published on: 7 Jun 2016

Summer Jobs hero

You’re about to break up from sixth form, college or uni and money’s tight. So, what do you do? You put the wheels in motion as early as possible to bag yourself a summer job. 

It doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly be pulling out of social plans altogether, but rather making some money to ensure you can enjoy even more of them.

If you’ve decided by now a summer jobs for you, here are our top five to look out for:


1 - Bar WorkWorried you’ll be missing out this summer? All your friends heading to the pub and you can’t afford it? Get a job in a bar and it’ll be the next best thing – we promise. There’s generally loads of casual staff of a similar age group to get chatting to, and evening hours means you can make the most of your days a little more, too.


2 - BaristaThere’s always a short-term job or two going at coffee shops - and particularly so in areas with a lot of tourists. Places like Liverpool, York and Chester are good places to look if you live close, as the footfall from additional visitors during the summer means they will always be after extra pairs of hands. Plus, once you’ve trained as a barista, you’ve got a skill for life; a coffee shop job is one you can pick up as and when you need some quick, casual work. So take a look around and see what’s out there.


3 - Festival Work – The pay’s not always great but if you’re keen to watch bands for free (a real bonus, depending on where you’re located around the camp site), festival work can be a fruitful and fun experience. Just make sure you’re in easy travelling distance of some of the biggest festivals – and if you can pull a pint or you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and picking up litter, you’ll love this gig.


4 - Chamber Maid – Hey, we don’t pigeonhole here; we’re well aware men can have a go at this profession too! Again, in hotels located in busy, touristy areas, extra help is always required – and a job making and unmaking beds really won’t be too taxing for anyone. Keep your eyes peeled online for new positions, or simply drop your CV into some hotels, B&Bs and guest houses. Often, places like this don’t even advertise new positions, as they know they can quickly and easily be snapped up via word of mouth.


5 - Leafleting – It’s not the most glamourous of roles, but a leafleting job ensures you’ve got a steady stream of money coming in when you need it most. If you’re thinking of going travelling, or you’re heading off to uni for the first time this September, a role like this is simple, usually fairly relaxed and relatively easy too. All you need is persistence, patience and a little bit of confidence. After all, you’ll be approaching members of the public and adopting your most charming expression to get them to take a leaflet or two!