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Say No to Nerves with These 5 Pre-Interview Tips!

Written by: Sean Revell
Published on: 29 Oct 2014

saying no to interview nerves


Like bumping into everyone you know when you’re not looking you’re best, and hitting a million and one red traffic lights when you’re running late, nerves before an interview are pretty much a given. They’re also a real hindrance, often standing in the way of you and that dream job. Dreaded nerves ensure your mind goes blank at every opportunity, and you suddenly develop a stutter that starts almost as soon as you open your mouth to speak.


The great news, though, is there’s a few, sometimes weird, but oh so wonderful ways you can beat interview nerves. And guess what? We’ve put five of them together for you. So whether you’re applying for a temporary summer job or applying for a dream job as a sports development officer read on…


1 - Plan a Mock Interview

You may feel a bit silly, but why not ask a pal to give you a mock interview? Choose your outfit in advance, get all your documents in order and have them ask you gruelling questions without bursting into fits of hysterics. Instead, ensure they treat you exactly like your potential boss-to-be might, giving you honest feedback at the end to let you know where they think you went wrong. Doing this will prove extremely helpful and will ensure that, come the day of the interview, you should feel a little more confident when any tricky questions come your way.


2 - Don’t Hide Your Hands

It’s proven that we’re more likely to bag a new job if our hands are visible on the table in front of us – odd eh? But apparently, it can work! Ensure your hands can be seen at all times, resisting the urge to conceal them under the table. Apparently, showing the hands is a sign of honesty – a trait all employers are looking for.


3 - Pop Some Tunes On

When you’re feeling at your most nervous, pop some music on, although obviously not during the interview itself! If you’re taking a long train or bus journey ahead of your grilling, make sure you put an mp3 player and some headphones in your bag. They’ll help you relax and take your mind off what’s to come. Do this, of course, only if you feel like you don’t need the additional journey time to cram in some last minute company research.


4 - Admit You’re Nervous

As daft as it may sound, actually admitting to the interviewer that you’re feeling a bit nervous, may help you to calm down a little. If, for example, you start to stutter or stumble over a question early on in the interview, just explain to the hiring manager that you’re feeling a bit nervous, and he or she will most likely understand and take this into account when considering candidates’ performance – good luck! If you do happen to make an error don’t worry, an interviewer expect you to have some nerves! Check out our post about common interview mistakes to find out how you can recover.


5 - Don’t be Tempted to Speak too Fast

When we’re nervous, we all have a tendency of speaking far too fast; we want the interview over and done with so we can get on with our day and stop worrying. But the last thing you should do is rush your interview – it’s your one and only opportunity to sell yourself. As hard as it might be, try your best to speak slowly and clearly. It’ll help relax you in general, which means you could be well on your way to clinching that job! If you follow through with these 5 rules then feel free to celebrate getting through to the over side with a relaxing drink