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Keeping check on Mental Health at work

Published on: 9 Oct 2019

Today the topic of mental health is not quite so taboo, with many employers embracing it as part of their operational and culture practice.  You could be raising awareness of this day yourself at your place of work.  The hospitality industry has hit the press quite a lot in recent years with negative statements about high stress levels and ill health – so employers have certainly sat up and listened. Strides have been taken and whilst more can and will be done to reduce the numbers of those suffering, we applaud the industry for recognising it and putting steps in place.

For our Leisurejobbers it’s a simple shout out to ensure you feel supported in your job with any mental / wellbeing issues that you may be suffering from.

Just as you may exercise or eat well to feel good, it is equally as important to look after your mental wellbeing. The subject is no longer behind closed doors and we are all responsible for ensuring the topic is raised and visible in your workforce. 

Below are just some of the ways employers in leisure and hospitality have taken notice, and made some changes:

Having a buddy system: With an allocated ‘buddy’ at work, you will always have someone to go to for questions and support. In all the bewilderment of a new job with new faces, new roles and a new environment, a buddy in tow can go a long way to dispelling unnecessary stress and feeling overwhelmed. They are your go-to support so do make sure you use them.

Open door policy:  Many employers ensure that their staff know they can come and discuss anything with them at anytime; ‘the door is always open’ as such. This goes for the management team and HR team. Raising any problem you have before it gets bigger dealing with it yourself can halt feelings of unwanted stress. A problem shared…

They know your name: Seems a bit daft but with big teams and different shift patterns, there are a lot of names to learn. Your employers should be taking an active interest in you, asking how you are, knowing your personal interests and simply checking in regularly. Unnecessary stress can often be disarmed with a friendly face and simply someone that shows they care.

Mental Health Staff: This alone demonstrates how far we have come in ensuring this is no longer a taboo subject. Employers are now employing/ training mental health staff, be it a Mental Health Champion or Mental Health First Aider,  showing again it’s high on the agenda, as it should be.  These are the guys who will be watching out for you.

A breather:  Lots of employers are now fans of and make sure their staff take a break during their shift. There is nothing better than having a walk, getting away from your work environment to shake the cobwebs and take a breath in a long shift.  Some employers where possible will also endorse gym memberships. It all helps!

Partner the experts: Many employers work with industry experts in providing a structured Employee Assistance Programme. These are professionals on  the subject and an external resource for staff to reach out to should they need to. 

Addressing work/life balance: Shift work as we all know can be tough, long and exhausting, aside from creating difficulties in your family/personal life. Many employers recognise that it is these long days that can contribute to ill health and unhappiness. A simple tweak of the rota to ensure you have shorter shifts, or a longer break away can do wonders for the soul. 

All of the above are all about investing in the talent they have nurtured and looking after you. So here is to #WorldMentalHealthDay2019 and to all those employers doing something. #Lovewhatyoudo