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How to Make it to Masterchef Level: Our Top Tips

Published on: 19 Nov 2015

So you want to be a chef? The first thing you should know is it isn’t an easy profession to do well in. Possibly even above having a talent for the skill is also having the sheer passion to succeed; it’s a high-pressured environment. In fact, it’s probably how the phrase: “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” came about. Well, that’s what we reckon anyway…

The truth is, you’re unlikely to make it to Masterchef level without first putting in the hard work. If you’ve been inspired by the popular TV show’s amateur chefs and think you can dazzle the judges yourself, simply head to the programme’s website for details of how to apply. 

In order to be considered, it’s an absolute given that you’re a fantastic cook. But when you come to apply, you’ll also be asked questions like: ‘What or who are your greatest cooking influences?’, and ‘Please tell us the moment when you fell in love with food’. You see, judges of the show need to know that, for you, cooking is about so much more than the creation of really good food. It has to be in your blood, a part of you and a frequent hobby.

Masterchef isn’t just for the some-time chef; the kind of cook who likes to impress his friends once in a while with his signature dish. It’s for someone who absolutely lives and breathes cooking, knows her ‘julienne’ from her ‘jus’ and has a real eye for the interesting when it comes to unique flavour combinations.

So, where to start? You don’t have to be qualified to enter the standard Masterchef, but providing you’d like to enter Masterchef: The Professionals you do, of course, need to be a trained chef.

Providing you want to eventually apply for the Masterchef, an interest in food and its preparation may be all you need. To get ahead in leisure jobs like this, we say immerse yourself in all things cooking in order to get a good understanding of all of the key food processes. Take every opportunity to cook; for friends, family, whoever is keen to try your food. And never get complacent. If you want to make it as a Masterchef, it’s vital you continue to evolve, improving your skills all the time in order to consistently challenge yourself.

Why not look at booking yourself on a cookery class that doesn’t come with a qualification? There are plenty of cookery excursions you can enjoy while on holiday, for instance, with a chance to try new and unusual flavours!

Don’t have the money to visit a far-flung destination to further your culinary knowledge? Use YouTube as your online cookery school; absorb as many videos as tutorials as possible, watching everything from how to fillet a fish, to how to make chocolate ganache. 

Above all, don’t lose your passion for cooking. If it’s something you’re interested in, don’t let anyone stand between you and your goal. You can do it!