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Love the Olympics? 5 Jobs That’ll Be Right Up Your Street

Published on: 6 Jun 2016

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The Olympics is just around the corner – who’d have thought it’s been a whole four years since the last one? – and we’re all gearing up for a summer of sports-related fun. But if you’ve ever looked beyond the personal excitement of watching the Olympics on the telly and instead considered a career at the event itself, look no further than this very article.

If you enjoy travelling and want to try out a short-term job in Rio for the summer – or simply if you’re nosey and just like reading articles like this – we’re letting you in on some of the jobs you could consider.

Held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games sees athletes from around the world compete from August 5 to 21. And guess what? There are all sorts of unique employment experiences to be discovered if you’re looking to get a piece of the action. Here are just some of them:

Waste Management – The Olympic Games venues are going to see some footfall that’s for sure. With thousands of people in attendance, that’s a heck of a lot of litter to consider. And where there’s litter, there’s always a team to manage it. 

Catering – Where do people go when they fancy a bite to eat? There will no doubt be some street food stands dotted around the arena, so why not enquire – particularly if you’re local – to see if any of the business owners in charge need an extra pair of hands? It’ll be a great experience to get involved at an event as prestigious as the Olympics, so why not consider it and make the necessary enquiries?

Tour Services Coordinator – Plenty of visitors coming in and out of Rio equals a demand for tour services operators – and you could be the coordinator! A great chance to experience the area and all it has to offer; a tour services coordinator role could be relatively easy to come by. Keep your eyes peeled online and make sure you get your CV in as soon as a role becomes available.

Bar Staff Experience working behind a bar? You could do a lot worse than apply for a role as a member of the bar team in pubs and bars in the area. The atmosphere will be electric throughout the Olympics, which means it’s the perfect chance to meet new people and make some money while you’re at it.

Volunteer – Okay, so this isn’t a specific job, but if you’re looking to expand your horizons and you simply fancy a change of scenery for the summer, think about volunteering in some capacity. Providing you have some savings behind you, you could have your most fun summer yet by lending a hand at the Olympics.

With the Olympics mere months away, isn’t it about time you put the wheels in motion for a fun and fruitful short-term role?