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Leicester City Won the Premier League?! Now What?

Published on: 1 Jun 2016

Leicester City won the premier league hero

We doubt there are any happier football fans out there (ever?) than those who support Leicester City! Clinching the title after Tottenham drew with Chelsea, the win was so unpredicted that it’s believed by online betting sites that anyone who placed £20 on the team to top the league would take home £100,000 in winnings. A stunningly brilliant 5000/1 long shot. 

But what’s in store now that the team has won the Premier League? Can they maintain their success? And more importantly, can they handle the newly found pressure playing as champions? Put it this way, we wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of their manager Claudio Ranieri as the only way is down from here, surely...? 

With a spot safely reserved in Pot 1 of the Champions’ League group stage draw, Leicester City finished 10 points clear of second-placed Tottenham Hotspur as they coasted to the league title. They will definitely have been naysayers out there on the way, but thanks to the support from their fans they got there, taking home the coveted title of Premier League winners. What a year for Leicester City fans, thanks to their club making the history books against all the odds.

No one expected Leicester to take the title and it’s reflected in the fact the betting odds were so low. But the team came, they saw, they played. And they proved the doubters wrong. Very wrong.

What’s Next for Leicester?

So the question on everyone’s lips is definitely ‘what’s next?’

Can the team rest on the laurels now they’ve taken the title? No longer seen as the underdog, Leicester’s now in a good – and confident – position. They can continue to make footballing history, but only if they continue to do the same, shocking the world via the Champions League.

But of course there’s an added pressure now, along with a deep-rooted expectation from the team’s fans. Can they, for example, compete with the even bigger boys in the Champions’ League next season. It will be a tall order, that’s for sure.

The public are certainly behind them though. It’s safe to say they’ve become everyone’s second favourite team, thanks to their recent escapades. 

Expectations will be even higher next season, certainly now they’re competing at the top of the league – but for Leicester fans, at least, there’s no doubt they’ll punch above their weight. Although surprisingly it still remains to be seen whether the public thinks they’re up to it.

If they can hang onto their best players - such as Jamie Vardy, N'Golo Kanté and Riyad Mahrez - they’ll be okay. Bigger more 'historical' teams in the running – with, of course, bigger budgets too – will be looking to poach these players (and others), so it’s all down to what Ranieri can keep within the squad. 

So, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we wouldn’t want to be in the Claudio's shoes. And if you’re considering a career in the footballing industry, this level of pressure is certainly something to think about! ;)