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Laughter is on the decline. How to laugh more.

Published on: 8 Feb 2023

We all know that laughter is said to be the best medicine, and for good reason. It has been shown to reduce stress, boost the immune system (hoorah!) and improve our overall well-being.

Even in the work-force - yes you need to be professional and appropriately behaved BUT it is also perfectly fine to have fun and laugh at work. In fact, a positive and light-hearted work environment can help boost morale, increase job satisfaction, and foster better relationships amongst colleagues. However, it’s important to maintain professional boundaries and respect workplace policies, codes of conduct and the feelings of others.

So, what can make us laugh more? We don’t want to think of laughless leisurejobbers..

Surround yourself with positive people: Being around people who make you laugh and bring positive energy into your life can help you feel happier and more relaxed. Whether it's friends, family, or co-workers, having supportive and uplifting relationships can help you feel more light-hearted and joyful.

Watch comedies: Watching a funny movie or TV show can be a great way to bring a smile to your face and lighten your mood. We have countless choices into todays online world - so spend some time distracting yourself from any woes and encourage yourself to laugh out loud!

Listen to comedy podcasts or stand-up comedy: There are a ton of comedy podcasts and stand-up comedy shows available online that you can listen to on-demand. From improv to stand-up, you’re sure to find a genre that makes you laugh.

Get outside: Being outdoors may not make you laugh out loud, clutching your side... but it will make you more inclined to 'want' to, as your mood lifts. Spending time in nature can help clear your mind and bring joy into your life. Whether it’s taking a walk, hiking, or simply enjoying a picnic in the park, being in nature can help you feel more relaxed and in a better mood. A dose of vitamin D is an added benefit.

Engage in physical activity: Physical activity has been shown to boost endorphins and release positive energy, which can help you feel happier and more relaxed. Whether it’s yoga, (laughter yoga already exists), running or playing a sport, engaging in such activities can be a great way to get a good laugh and lift your mood.  You never regret a workout!

So go ahead, start with a smile – even a fake smile can trick your body into feeling happier.