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Las Vegas Hotels To Add To Your Bucket List

Published on: 18 Apr 2016

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If like Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in the film ‘The Bucket List, you have a few things you’d like to tick off your own ‘Things to Do Before You Die’ list, Vegas is most definitely the place to go. The fact is, you can do almost anything in the US hotspot known as ‘Sin City’.

From round-the-clock gambling to jumping off buildings, you can seriously have a go at whatever takes your fancy. But Vegas has much more to offer than just a game or two of roulette; many people visit for the hotels alone – and with plenty on its famous strip boasting at least four stars each, it’s pretty clear why! 

With that in mind, here’s a few hotels you can add to your bucket list to make ticking even more items off said list that bit more exciting. Read on…

The Bellagio – Smack bang in the centre of the strip, The Bellagio – known for its stunning fountains, which go off at regular intervals throughout the day – it is the quintessential Vegas hotel. The Bellagio is the premier league level of hotels but beware it is expensive to stay in – and with good reason! Offering gorgeous views of the strip, beautifully-appointed bedrooms and suites and a stunning casino, it really is the place to go if you’re visiting Vegas. Of course, you don’t even need to stay here – just head over for a night on the tables, or take a look round its stunning gardens.

Caesar’s Palace – You’ll remember this hotel from the movie, The Hangover. Another popular haunt on the Vegas strip, this hotel was seen throughout the hit film. And thanks to the blockbuster smash, its gift shops are now absolutely teeming with Hangover-themed merchandise. In fact, you won’t be able to walk too far in and around its casino without seeing a ‘Wolfpack’ t-shirt, or a shot glass bearing some of the film’s famous quotes. Head here, if only to snap away, camera in hand, at some of the sights spotted in the Bradley Cooper hit.

The Flamingo – One of the oldest hotels on the strip, The Flamingo remains popular with the Vegas ‘old-timers’, who still visit ‘Sin City’ for its not-to-be-missed shows and bustling bingo halls. And if you’re looking for hotel and dinner deals for this place – or any of the others mentioned – you only need to find a reputable ticket booth on the strip to enjoy cut-price tickets to a show and a restaurant. Having recently been updated, the hotel still boasts a wealth of large suites and one of the best pools in the area.

Visiting Vegas? Make sure you do your research well in advance of selecting a hotel; book anywhere off strip and you’re likely to be away from the action. Anywhere on the 5-mile strip though is absolutely perfect – and will give you easy access to all the shows, clubs, pools and casinos anyone needs!