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It's not just what you're serving anymore ... it's how and where

Published on: 19 Apr 2022

Real thought is put into the actual look and ambience of our high street favourites, not just the food and drink on offer.

Here we explore just a few of our clients that we think have a bit of an edge. Bland is not a word we can use for many emerging or existing hospitality brands. And it's not a surprise really given the growing trend on social platforms to 'check in', 'photograph your plate' or create a 'story' on your surroundings. That's quite a lot of pressure... as we all know how influential these platforms can be. They put more bums on seats and feet through the doors than any other advertising means!

Cosy club - The clue is in the name, but these quirky neighbourhood cafes have cosy booths, dark secret spots and their walls are adorned with some interesting artwork. We tried and tested both the Guildford and Bath spots and aside from the glorious chicken burger, thought they were wonderfully unique and delightfully quirky. They describe themselves as ‘Think aristocratic abundance with a dash of local village cricket pavilion pottiness’. They are always on the lookout for people that ensures every customer leaves feeling splendid. Could you be part of their world? 

Then we are also being introduced to interiors dressed in beautiful pastel colours, bringing a fresh, happy and almost playful vibe to the high street. EL&NIsland Poké and Poke House are a treat for the eyes (and tums). They are all such Insta friendly brands– both in their cuisine they serve which is picturesque in itself, but with their beautiful interiors. And the founders behind all these brands have found their inspiration from afar…Poke House takes its inspiration from California, Island Poké from the beaches of Hawai'i and EL&N from their roots in luxury fashion!

There is always an adventure to be had with Island Poké. Or work in a world of floral selfies with EL&N. Or if you have more of a Californian soul and enjoy a taste explosion, explore Poke House.

Then we move from the sweet and pastel to the more roaring, dark, meaty places like Temper with its FIRE and meaty BBQ theme. Their open plan kitchen where they butcher and cook the meat is the main distraction. Are you a showman?

And MEATliquor, home of the meatfest – you will want to get messy in these neon-lit, graffiti-plastered restaurants. They are fun and very different – one of their London sites even showcases an 8 ft illuminated pickle against their back wall – a key ingredient of course to their meaty menu.  They look for spark and character from their team. 

The hospitality scene is certainly diverse. You can choose exactly the sort of spot you wish to work depending on you, your personality traits, career desires and experience.

It’s a wonderful place to love what you do.