Improve Your Health the Natural Way: The Benefits of Massage

Written by: Jasmine Freeman
Published on: 5 Nov 2014

benefits of massage


When it comes to setting out on the road to improved health – a slimmer body, improved skin, or shinier, bouncier hair – these days, everyone wants to discover a shortcut. The truth is though, like all things, if you’re to do it well, great health should come naturally.


While we may well abuse our hair by adding layer upon layer of harsh hair dye, or block up our pores by filling them with heavy make-up, when it comes to health in general it’s important to take things a bit steadier.


The great news is there’s many natural ways to boost your health in the long-run & a good massage is one of them!


It’s true that some people may see that hour on a table with a massage professional as a waste of time: why spend 60 minutes horizontally, feeling a bit uncomfortable, and pay someone over £50 for the experience, when you could be using your time more productively? The truth is; the housework/that office project or your online food shop can wait that bit longer: a great massage is key to improved health – and not just for the immediate benefits you feel as and when you leave the treatment room.


The majority of people book in for a massage for one of two reasons: to relieve stress and anxiety, or to help banish pain. But did you know there’s a whole host of benefits to having someone work on your aches and pains?


Massage improves everything from the function of your immune system, to your physical fitness in general. Of course, we all know it helps manage pain, but did you also realise it can boost mental health and wellness, too?


One of the main benefits of taking time out for an hour-long massage is its immense stress-reducing properties. The long-term effects of stress can take emotional and physical tolls on your mind and body. But book in for a spot of massage therapy and you’ll not only leave the building feeling as relaxed as you’re likely to ever feel, but you’ll have boosted your wellness overall.


Research suggests the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression may be directly affected by massage therapy, and more importantly, pain can be managed during and after a good hour on the massage table. Eradicate any concerns you may have and make an enquiry, you may well end up becoming a regular customer.


You’ll find sleep comes a lot easier as the result of a massage, too, and you may even notice a reduction in headaches. Studies also show a massage can boost the immune system in general, helping to ward off the common cold – ideal as we move into the cold snap.


So next time you see a sign at a local spa salon advertising massage, why not give it a go? At the very least you’ll walk away feeling as light as a feather, but in the long-run who knows what you may gain? Give it a go and let us know your thoughts…