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How to unlock the potential of new employees

Published on: 22 Nov 2017

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Studies have demonstrated that investing time, money and energy into your workforce not only increases productivity and work quality but also helps people feel more fulfilled, valued and positive. 

Below we delve into the small ways in which you can incorporate a welcome, induction plan to help maximise the full potential of your new employees. 

Week 1 - Welcome,  Motivation, Training and a snapshot of success

First impressions count: They've wowed you so now it's your turn to reciprocate. It's basic stuff but be properly prepared for their arrival ensuring a seamless transition into your world.
Welcome: Promptly integrate your new staff member into the company with an office tour, introducing them to key members of staff. New hires can often feel overwhelmed and lack the confidence to introduce themselves. Schedule meetings with key stakeholders and 'partner' them with an experienced and trustworthy member of the team to help them bed into the company.
Invest in time together: Dedicate some time each day to your new staff member for feedback and to answer any questions they may have. New hires perform better when they have the opportunity to ask questions. 
Goal setting: Establish clear objectives, clarifying mutual expectations. Empower your employee to take ownership of their role, effectively inviting them to write their own 90-day plan. Discuss targets at both an individual and company level to ensure they understand exactly where they fit in the organisation and what success looks like. 
Develop an internal training programme: Discuss how you train staff internally as well as the potential for external training if they wish. Just less than 50% of people move companies due to wanting to develop their skills, so nip this in the bud early to avoid dissatisfaction later down the line.

Month 1 - Feedback and minimising turnover

Feedback on performance:  The end of the first month is a great time to give (and receive) constructive, honest feedback. By now your new hire will be feeling more at home and you will be able to give an accurate assessment of how they are doing. Try and understand what their personal motivators are. This is where your intuition and communication skills are vital, so use them wisely!
Work hard to minimise turnover: Unfortunately, a large number of new hires can become overwhelmed or unhappy with certain parts of their new role, with as many as just over 60% actually leaving within the first three months. Whether it is training, reward or monthly reviews, know what motivates your new hire. Consistency is vital when it comes to employees working at optimum levels. 

Month 3 - Reviews and helping one another

Help me, help you: With 25% of employed people feeling 'ignored' in the workplace, it is crucial you set up timely review meetings. They have had time to settle into their role and feedback on their successes, achievements and even weaknesses will keep them engaged. Only 13% of employees worldwide are fully engaged in their day-to-day work - now is the time to ensure your staff are not in that 13%.
Where can we be better? Find out what ideas your new team member has about the company and work processes or any ways that you and the business could be improved.

Month 6 - Increasing targets and further assessment

Increase targets: Your new hire will now be confident within their role and have developed a consistent work level. By monitoring their performance you can adjust the targets to help them push their individual levels higher.
Further assessment: By now you know all about your hire, their work habits, personality and drivers. This is a great time to discuss where you their future within the company. Give them the opportunity to discuss personal goals and work together to plan how you get there. 

Year 1 and onwards - Develop the workspace and reviewing the year

The working environment: Continue to improve the work environment, developing a space where people want to collaborate, prosper and feel positive. Planned social and team building events are a proven way to enhance working relationships and ensure each individual feels part of the bigger picture.
A review of the year: Celebrate success, acknowledge their personal development and inject excitement about the next 12 months. If employees feel valued they are more motivated to do their very best, and in tandem become ambassadors of your brand.