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Hungover?! Beat that Pesky Headache with some Retail Therapy!

Published on: 30 Jun 2017

hungover hero

Ouch! If that post-booze headache just won’t shift, don’t be tempted to simply hide under the duvet all day – where’s the sense of achievement in that?! Sure, we’re not expecting you to smash all your life’s ambitions with a sore head, but you could make it out of the house at least...

And if you have a few errands to do around town, or you simply need to buy something new for an upcoming family do, why not head out for a spot of retail therapy? Luckily for me, Leicester has some great shops to offer and a thriving food and drink scene, too!

The good thing about shopping – especially on a weekday (if you’re fortunate enough to have booked a day off in preparation for that mid-week hangover) is it’s quieter, and you can mooch around entirely at your own pace.

But what you’ll really want to do is re-fuel, we bet. So why not grab your wallet and walk in the direction of your nearest pub or café. We’re not telling you to sink another pint, you understand, but a fry up in your favourite eaterie could be just the ticket! And here’s why a plate full of fatty food is the right thing to order, according to The Daily Mail.

The article states: “Richard Stephens, professor of psychology at Keele University, says the carbohydrates in a full English will help restore depleted sugar levels.”

So, you see, bacon, some eggs and a sausage or two is exactly what you need – you read it here first! Well, maybe second...

And what to do after that sugar-restoring meal? We say nothing too taxing. If you’ve been meaning to put a bet on your footy team, you might decide to take a stroll down to your local Ladbrokes (just make sure you take a bottle or two of water to ensure you stay more than hydrated...)

In fact, Leicester has a host of great job opportunities to offer – and while you’re out and about, you could make it your mission to check out the high street shops, restaurants and yes if you're brave enough bars!

Highcross shopping centre is jam-packed with a huge variety of shops (over 100 stores, now that's some proper retail therapy!) – including brands like Apple, House of Fraser, Levi's, John Lewis, North Face, Pandora, JD Sports and many more! 

Didn’t fancy that fry up? Think that maybe it's time to get a new job? Get a feel for the recruitment opportunities at your favourite chicken restaurant by checking out the management jobs at Nandos in town.

Hey, you could return home from your day with an application form or two! Just make sure you’re dressed smart if it’s your intention to check out the jobs market while you’re strolling around Leicester – and good luck!