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Golden Rules of The Interview Process

Published on: 2 Feb 2018

Golden Rules of The Interview Process

Golden Rule 1: First Impressions Count
This is of course on both sides - and you would be surprised to know your window of opportunity is only 7 short seconds long. More interesting is that non verbal cues have more impact on the type of impression you make so it's not only about what you say, it is how you present and conduct yourself. Smile, be personable and well presented. Make eye contact, give a warm handshake and introduce yourself confidently. Your interviewer is assessing and making judgements about you from the word go!

Golden Rule 2: Do Your Research
Such a simple one that often gets overlooked. Know the company you are interviewing with. If you can't be bothered to have a look at their website and understand them as a business, their offerings, values and culture, you are not demonstrating you have any interest in them... and won't be able to answer some of their questions!. With factual, informative websites available where you can learn everything, there is no excuse. Arm yourself with key facts, when they were established, their key brands, service offerings etc and of course drop in how you are a great fit. Extend your research to external websites/ trade press where the company may have been written about. Perhaps ask a question about them and their future plans to show real investment in them. 80% of those we asked said they have always been asked at interview, 'What do you know about us?'.

Golden Rule 3: Truly Understand The Job You Are Going For
As an interviewer, they will no doubt be aware (in most instances) that you have applied for countless roles. Don't mix them up - know exactly what this job entails, how the team structure works, the remuneration package, the key responsibilities you will be expected to deliver and how you will do so utilising your previous experience and knowledge. 

Golden Rule 4: Hold The Negativity
Never be negative about a past company you have worked for or an ex colleague. Even if you have had negative experiences in the past, remain tight lipped or at the very least explain the situation in a measured way and how you proactively and positively dealt with it. 

Golden Rule 5: You Are Interviewing Them
You are there to impress but it's a two way street. You also need to feel that the company/ role is the right fit for you and your future career goals. Prepare some good questions that can help you understand this. The end of the interview is the perfect time for you to conduct the questions and find out more.

Golden Rule 6: Be Bold
Be bold, not arrogant. If you want the job, you need to make it clear. Don't be afraid to say at the end how keen you are and you really want the role. Passion and motivation can never be frowned upon. If it is perceived that you are not that bothered, regardless that your skills and experience tick every box, you will not get a call back.