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Giving up on giving up

Written by: Frances Leacy
Published on: 1 Mar 2017

Giving up on giving up hero

Good for you! No doubt there are a handful of you, (including myself) that is using March 1st to re-start new year resolutions that may have slipped off the radar. Mine are the rather bland ones of do more fitness, eat less sugar, keep calmer; but as we all know, it's a lot easier to eat the chocolate and not do the long run... watch the TV and not re-write your CV etc.

After all, it is very easy to give up on giving up... or indeed if you are looking to achieve something; easy to procrastinate starting something you are fearful of, or simply don't know where to begin. So how to stay on track, whatever goal you have set yourself.

  • Partner up - surround yourself with people that can inspire you and who know your goals so can nudge you in the right direction. Better still, do it with someone. It's amazing how the competitive spirit of not letting the 'side down' can inspire you to carry on.
  • Be honest and reliable - If you have committed to running a marathon but truly have no desire whatsoever to even find your trainers, let alone shuffle 26miles, don't set this as a goal. Don't do something you think you should be doing because of your peers. You won't get very far at all.
  • Baby steps - break your long term goals into small parts. After all success breeds success so if you are 'winning' on a regular basis, that will give you the desire to keep going. 
  • Preparation - Don't just jump in without research, a plan and knowledge. You will fall at the first hurdle. If you want to start fitness, read blogs, seek out a running club; know what is available to you. If you want to be healthier, research recipes and if you want to find yourself that new job, get your CV in ship shape condition and know what is realistically attainable - ( is THE first place to start)!
  • Be kind to yourself - if you have an oopsey daisy day it doesn't mean you have blown it and you need to give up- reassert and begin again tomorrow. Rome wasn't built in a day.