Fun with Fazenda

Published on: 13 Sep 2019

Another example of a truly sizzling opportunity to get your teeth into. With 5 sites across the UK (in some great cultural, cosmopolitan spots), and inspired by it’s Brazilian roots, this dining experience is all about delivering a ‘Rodizio experience’; (all you can eat).

#Hungry yet? It is a fun, ‘gaucho’ type experience with guests using a red and green light system. How very novel. For all those #foodies out there that get irritated by speedy turnovers and impatient waiters this is for you. Fazenda is all about beautifully created #meats (with the addition of salads, cheeses, breads, cured meats and fresh vegetables as an opener), consumed at your leisure… and own pleasure.

How it works. Green – as it suggests, ‘let’s go’! If you are showing your green side of your card, gently placed on the table next to you, you are presented with delicious skewers of sizzling meats. And red, it’s all about the recovery, a pause. The customer is in control of service. This is a truly unique dining experience. It’s for the real meat eaters amongst you. 

They are currently #recruiting – You could even be a Passador, how cool. 

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