Former secretary replaces the office with owning her own gym.

Published on: 6 Jun 2021

That's exactly what Premier Global NASM did for former secretary Rachael, who went from working behind a desk in the city to running her own gym. 

The 29-year old wanted a change from the 9-5 but didn't wan't to leave her job straight away, so she looked for a course that would be flexible around her.

That's when she found Premier Global NASM - a training provider who could help her reach her potential as a PT earning solid income on the gym floor, or uncapped earnings as a self-employed gym owner.

With Premier Global NASM's online course she was able to work at her own pace while still receiving all the support she needed. 

"They were amazing, from start to finish they were so helpful", she said. "They were so flexible; you can watch repeats and you can watch recordings (of the lectures)".

The online course from Premier Global can be done in 10 weeks, but - like Rachael - a lot of us have other things going on in our lives, so the course can be studied part-time alongside other commitments. 

"I passed my Level 2 and Level 3 courses in a year and a half.. I went from being a city worker to owning my own gym!"

Premier Global NASM explains who they are:

Premier Global NASM is a fitness company that has over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. It provides a range of different courses for those wanting to become Personal Trainers. 

If you've always wanted a career as a PT but never found the time to enrol in a course, then Premier Global NASM is the right place for you to start your fitness journey.

Why Premier Global NASM thinks they are the right choice for you:

​Dependable: A training provider that maintained uninterrupted training through the pandemic. Students started and finished their courses with Premier Global NASM through lockdown! 

Supportive: Better equipped to help more aspiring PTs like you into the market thanks to their unique online delivery model and unrivalled support for their graduates. 

Pioneering: The UK's first training provider to deliver a virtual coaching course, using a step-by-step approach to address the skills and knowledge required to launch a successful business in the digital training world. 

If that still doesn’t convince you, then take the word of the 92% of students who have left a positive review on Trustpilot, giving it an overall rating of 4.6 stars!

Rachel had one final piece of advice for aspiring PTs who didn’t think they had the time to do it. 

“If you want a career change, or if you just want to go back to the gym and learn a bit more…I would highly recommend them.

“I’m so grateful to you NASM for helping me to become a personal trainer and now I’ve got my dream job, so thank you.”