Feeling Unfit? How to Smash it at the Gym

Published on: 1 Jun 2016

feeling unfit hero

We know how it is; you overindulged over the weekend – or possibly even over the last few – and now you feel like ‘what’s the point?’ when it comes to the gym. 

Leave it longer though – and continue ignoring the fact that you’re perhaps not quite as fit as you used to be – and it could be even harder to make that change and smash it at the gym.

So just how do you reach your fitness goals when you’re not feeling quite so motivated and can't afford a celebrity personal trainer!? We’ve put together some top tips to ensure your next workout is a winning one.

Create a Motivating Playlist – Music has the ability to not only conjure up emotions, but inspire in us a little bit of motivation when we need it most. Choose the right kind of tracks and you’ll be on fire in the gym. Not literally though, you understand!

Joking aside, it stands to reason that if your playlist is full of ballads you’re not going to give it your all in the gym. Instead, fill it with uplifting, upbeat music and we guarantee you’ll move that little bit faster on the treadmill. 

Banish Negative Thoughts – It’s easier said than done sometimes we know, but practise a little bit of gym ‘mindfulness’ and say goodbye to any worries you’re experiencing. 

Not sure you look good in your gym kit? It’s probably all in your head. Worried your wobbly bits will be on display for all to see? You could well be imagining that, too. So do yourself a favour and banish those negative thoughts; they won’t help you in the long-run.

Buy New Gear – Nothing gives you the motivation you’re looking for at the gym than treating yourself to some new kit. It’s amazing what the latest trainers can do for your mood. Or if you’re not sure about those fitness leggings you’re currently wearing, just get some new ones.

Consider a Career in the Fitness Industry – Okay, so this is a fairly hard-core tip, but one of the things that will inspire in you a real willingness to do well in the gym is simply to consider this age-old phrase: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

That’s right; a course in personal training could give you renewed energy when it comes to the gym. Plus, it’s one of those careers that’s unlikely to ever suffer as technology advances. Sure, Fitbits are popular, but are they really as good as the real thing: a personal trainer?

Try Something New – Tend to stick to the same classes or machines at the gym? Mix it up next time you go and try something different. If you’re a spinning fanatic, why not give an abs and core class a go? Or maybe you like Pilates? Switch it up and give Zumba a go instead? 

Simply by changing your routine a little you could find a motivation for the gym that you really didn’t realise you had – take our word for it.