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How Secret Retreats Offer Career Opportunities

Published on: 30 Jun 2017

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Are you ready for a mini break? We know we are! When your nearest and dearest start filling your social media feeds with photos and updates from their holidays, it’s difficult not to feel envious. But the good news is there are plenty of great retreats here in good old Blighty! And here’s why you should go on one…

You Can Recharge Your Batteries – Shattered? Feeling like you’re constantly running from one place to the next? Do you have a ‘to-do’ list that’s so long that you’re ready to pull your hair out? We hear you! Maybe it’s time to say ‘no’ to your house jobs and errands and just head off for the weekend for a spot of relaxation. After all, staff at spas, hotels and leisure centres are more than equipped to look after you and ensure your stay’s a pleasant one. 

And if a job in the industry takes your fancy, perhaps you can also get a feel for it while you’re being pampered. For example there’s a host of different job roles with Bourne Leisure to choose from, for example, and you’ll be joining an industry which understands the importance of looking after its people.

You’ll be Closer to Nature – In the good old days, people used to spend their weekends in the Great outdoors! That was long before the lure of the Xbox or iPad took over, mind. But we should all allow ourselves to get a little closer to nature occasionally, by enjoying a retreat somewhere your pals don’t know about. 

That’s right; give technology the heave-ho for a day or two and explore some of the National Trust’s stunningly picturesque premises. Working with the National Trust includes everything from working at stately homes to serving tea and scones in beautiful on-site cafes – and once there, you’ll feel right at home. Perhaps you’ll also decide you fancy a career change, too?

You Can Boost Those Happy Endorphins – Secret retreats aren’t all about being preened and pampered to perfection. You can achieve the same buzz on a Great British getaway by heading to a leisure centre to try a new sport or class. After all, endorphins released during exercise can boost the mood – hooray! Oh, and if you’ve considered a role working in a fitness or leisure centre, this could also be the perfect opportunity to experience first-hand what it’s like to take on a job like that. Companies like GLL have some ideas if you’re a little stuck on the inspiration front.

You Can Tuck into Your Favourite Foods – Exercise aside, mini breaks tend to be about indulgence. Giving you the perfect chance to try some of your favourite foods (be it a posh three or five-course meal, or an afternoon tea), a pamper weekend or retreat is all about spoiling yourself. The healthy diet can wait until you get back, after all.

Like the idea of a secret retreat in the UK? Another bonus is there’ll be no queuing in the airport, too. Get it booked – and fast!