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Expensive Beauty Treatments Only the Rich and Famous Can Afford

Published on: 1 Jun 2016

Expensive beauty treatments hero

When it comes to looking good, many of us will do just about anything. Splashing out on a £50 moisturiser is a rare treat for some, while others will spend that very amount weekly, with some indulging their passion for skincare daily even.

Celebrities and the rich and famous go a step further than that though, lining up for all manner of youth-boosting, age-defying treatments, Here’s just some that only the rich, famous can (probably) afford:


The Sheep Placenta Facial

Who’d have a sheep placenta fascial? Harry Styles, that’s who. We have to say, we didn’t have the One Direction star in mind when we heard that a male celeb was splashing the cash on a beauty treatment like this. 

According to an article on The Daily Mail site, fresh-faced Harry looks that way (possibly) because he chucks some of his money at a £325-a-pop sheep placenta facial in an LA clinic. 

The 90-minute treatment gives Harry his ‘youthful glow’. There’s a catch, though. It involves taking a placenta from New Zealand livestock, extracting its stem cells (apparently full of nutrients which fight free-radical skin damage) and mixing it with a gel containing gold flecks. This concoction is then slathered on the face – nice!

How would you like a beauty therapist job that involves seeing Harry Styles on a regular basis? Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?


The Caviar Facial 

Nice work if you can get it eh? Rubbing caviar on people’s faces sounds like a posh dinner party gone wrong – but it could be something you find yourself doing if you get a job as a beauty therapist to the stars.

The facial – Caviar and Carat – was created by aesthetician Bella Schneider and it’s said to improve pigmentation, inflammation and bacteria, as well as give the skin a boost by improving its elasticity. 

It’s £125 a session and relies on caviar ampule, honey, sea buckthorn and a host of other ingredients to work their magic on brightening the skin.


Skin Ironing

Setting the beauty-mad customer back £3,200, Thermage is a skin ‘ironing’ (yep, you read that right) treatment which is loved by Gwyneth Paltrow. 

Tightening the skin by boosting the levels of collagen in its lower layers, the treatment isn’t the most relaxing of facials by all accounts (apparently it’s like being smacked in the face – we’ll book in tomorrow, should we?) but it’s said to give ageing skin the perk up it needs.

Like the sound of any of these treatments? If you take the right steps to a new career now, you could be performing these facials on the rich and famous in just a few short years – well there’s nothing at all wrong with having a goal, is there?

Beauty may be a competitive industry but it’s an exciting, ever-changing one too. And social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have certainly helped get the word out about these revolutionary new treatments, too. If you want to get ahead in the industry, stay abreast of all the latest beauty news and you won’t go far wrong.