Diversity, inclusion and equality

Published on: 8 Oct 2020

We often share content about interview preparation for our jobseekers. Going into an interview fully prepped is vital for your confidence and to ensure you feel positive and calm... and of course so you impress your interviewer. We always advise ensuring you fully understand the role you are applying to, with prepared examples of how you have worked in similar roles, and how your experience matches perfectly.

But just as importantly as understanding the job you are applying for, it is also vital to understand the bigger picture, the company culture, visions and values. And with this, we include equality and diversity. It is imperative you understand how your potential employer sits with these topics.

We have partnered with SiSu - Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Consultancy on this subject. They are big advocates of diversity, equality and inclusion, which is more important than ever for jobseekers and employers. 

They have put together some questions you can ask at your interview to be fully informed and make the right choices. Are they diverse and inclusive? 

If you need any advice or guidance when it comes to finding a diverse and inclusive company, get in touch with SISU. Their team are there to guide, educate and share knowledge. 

Email : info@thisissisu.co.uk

Website: www.thisissisu.co.uk