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Deskfast - Another day, another trend

Published on: 12 Apr 2018

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We are a busy nation working long hours and the latest trend to hit our workforce is Deskfast. Combining the words, Desk and Breakfast,  it is quite simply eating breakfast at work, at your desk (for those with one). It's no new thing by any means but now it has it's own day. Who knew?

Early shifts don't often allow you to eat at home before your commute so the sensible option which once scowled upon means you eat at work.  With more time to grab sensible options rather than gobbling sugary cereal before running out the door, well it makes sense to us, just as long as it works for you and your employer. With the old saying 'Eat like a King at Breakfast and a Pauper at dinner', if Deskfast enables you to eat the most important meal of the day - well we are on board. Just no crumbs in the keyboard as that we can't abhor. 

This trend all came about (according to our research) due to the recession and fear of loosing jobs meant people went to work earlier to show keen and willing. Hence began the longer working day! Many nutritionists were wholly against this but with a large population of the workforce taking lunch at their desk, it shouldn't really cause such a grumble. The vote against Deskfast and may we pop in 'De-lunch' (that will be next) is purely that you do need to take a break. You can also overeat if eating whilst working as you are not 100% focussed on what you are consuming if your mind is otherwise distracted. Also perhaps the daily cafe run means slightly limited variation in your diet and of course bums on seats means you are stationary for longer.

So Happy Deskfast Day! Another trend, another day, but lets not get our eggs whipped up over it.

#Lovewhatyoudo is way more important than where you are eating we think. Energise yourself with brain food to power you through a happy and successful day. That makes sense to us.