Keep the cogs churning, even over December

Published on: 18 Dec 2017



Nearly a quarter don't feel they are going anywhere in their job and the same amount feel their career hasn't gone to plan and don't feel they are actually able to do the job they are in.

So let's not get bogged down by this negativity. Now is the time for change. After all 70% of you claim that to change one thing can improve your happiness levels - That's good enough for us. Let's pick your JOB.

Christmas is often perceived to be the wrong time to recruit/ job search as the mince pies are ripped open and Christmas parties are in full swing. This is not necessarily right. 

Let's look at it both from the jobseeker and employer perspective. 

From an employer prospective, although many of us don't want to voice it, with December comes a marginally calmer period, the foot is not pressed down quite so hard on the accelerator as businesses start quietening down for the festive season. So whilst you are not rushed off your feet, could this be the perfect time to resource and secure fresh new talent?  You could find the perfect candidate for one of your roles, and where you may struggle to get a senior manager in to interview on a normal, chaotic week; with more relaxed schedules on the candidate side too, a pre Christmas interview could be the perfect gift to you both.

And for job boards, recent stats show that the much conceived idea that numbers fall off is not strictly true. Jobseekers are an active bunch, even when the tinsel is up! There is (after all) only so much Christmas TV one can watch. Christmas is one of the longest periods most of us have off over the year. As a jobseeker looking to skip into action come January, it certainly doesn't hinder to beat the crowds and get your CV in ship shape condition to start reviewing and applying to online roles that could be perfect for you and a new start in 2018. 

If you are on the job hunt, don't procrastinate and get out of practise over the new year. Simply no point. Fine tune your interview techniques, attend networking dos and apply apply apply.  Those hiring are under increased pressure to be ready for the new year, so the more applications they get over the Christmas period the better. December applications are most likely going to have less stiff competition and January is notoriously competitive with everyone swinging back into gear and of course the idea of 'change' for the forthcoming year. 

Which brings us perfectly to the final point. Realistically all of us have some vision of making big changes each time January 1 bumps along. Employers could take the Christmas break to really clarify their business goals and where they want to be in the coming year - this will include the team they need around them to achieve this. Apply whilst they plan for the year ahead could put you in prime position. And for employers looking to recruit in the new year, potential and active jobseekers spend a lot of Christmas and the lead up addressing their future goals and where they want to be. Present them with an opportunity they can't miss, and it's a glass half full for both - Bottoms up!

Leisurejobbers, stay sharp this Christmas with your job search - Why, In a nutshell: 

  • Lots of jobs out there and less competition
  • Stand out over a quieter period and impress that you don't rest on your laurels during the 'holiday' period
  • Optimum time to meet people at various networking events - and people are pretty chilled too at this time
  • A quieter period could mean generally the mood of hiring managers is higher
  • The average job search takes approximately 6-8weeks (level dependant) - get a head start.