Brexit... What about you?

Published on: 25 Sep 2019

Brexit is not new but the big B still causes nervousness for us all. Uncertainty is fuelled further with ongoing discussions and ever-evolving news on the hour. Whatever happens, UK employment will have a shake up, that we can predict!

So what does this mean for you?

  1. Surge of jobs: More recently hospitality has had a boom of EU nationals working in our Bars, Restaurants and Hotels – quite astonishingly they make up for 75% of London Waiters and 85% of London Chefs! We can sensibly predict that with less EU nationals being able to work in the UK, a huge surge of jobs will become available to UK nationals.

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  2. EU nationals, protection: Of course we also don’t want to lose all our EU nationals that have worked tirelessly, so if you are an EU National be ready! Protect your work and living security by signing up to the EU Settlement here.

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  3. Gig and temp roles: There are predictions that there will be a spike in temporary roles as uncertainty leads to ‘fear’ in employers hiring permanent staff. The hospitality industry is already perfectly set up for this, so make sure you are! Update your CV and profiles so you can easily transition to a new place of work – think on the sunny side up, temp roles can really ramp up your experience.

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  4. Seize the day: To fill the ever increasing skills gap, employers and industry bodies are working collaboratively to positively showcase all that the hospitality industry can offer to graduates and students. The demographic of hospitality could spin on its heels so if you are a graduate, perhaps your head could be turned by the diverse opportunities that the industry can offer you. Many skill sets required, particularly customer facing skills can be easily transferred from other industries.

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  5. Keep calm and carry on: Talent acquisition (that’s employers getting you on board) and retaining you gets a little harder with more opportunities open to you. Whilst this is positive news for you, don’t upset the apple cart and move too frequently. The industry is all about passionate, hard working staff; prove your worth. Be sensible in any job-hopping you do.

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And remember, in a time of change comes opportunities. Stay ahead and plan. Search today: