28 Confessions From Anonymous Hotel Workers

Written by: Sean Revell
Published on: 19 Feb 2015

Today we are bringing you some of the most interesting confessions, secrets and stories from anonymous hotel workers around the world. Whether working on the front desk, cleaning rooms or managing a hotel  these guys have some interesting tips that will help you gain freebies, upgrades and save money the next time you book a room.

18 Things Every Hotel Guest Should Know…

18 Things Every Hotel Guest Should Know

1 – You can easily avoid a same-day cancellation penalty. This takes a bit of planning but basically > Call up the hotel and mention that you have been delayed due to travel issues, incident with loved one etc but ask to change the reservation to next week. Give it a couple of days before calling back and asking to cancel the room.

2 – Guests who use a third party booking site  are more likely to get “walked“ in the event the hotel overbooks. Basically the goal for every hotel is to make profits. Similar to an airline, they will gamble on the likelihood that some people will not turn up or cancel their room at the last minute. Unfortunately when this gamble goes wrong there will be more people than rooms available. When this happens the manager will apologise before offering a room with a hotel that is at a similar level. If you’ve booked via a third party or have been rude/obnoxious you will be high up on the ‘to walk list’. A confirmed room isn’t confirmed until you get into it!

3 – As far as room rates go, most of the time they are highly negotiable depending on hotel occupancy.

4 – Wash your glasses out before you use them (the same goes for your cups too).

5 – Bed bugs don’t always come via beds. Little red bumps that flare up over night could have come from anywhere! Whether it was the taxi you took to get here, the restaurant you ate in or your luggage. I think this is part of the fear of staying in the unknown but it’s very rare to find a room with bedbugs and if it is the case you’ve simply been unlucky.

6 – Want the best room deal? Call the hotel direct. Whatever you do don’t book your room online! From our perspective it’s basically a massive pain from the reservation to potential cancellation and refund. From your perspective you’ll save money as you’ll get the real rates that don’t include a middle man.

7 – Want an upgrade? Be polite and friendly! Unfortunately we can’t give upgrades to everyone but when it comes down to it the smiling, polite couple will get a better room than the rude, cold guy who slapped his credit card on my desk every time.

8 – Similarly… The more of a hurry you are in, the slower I will work.

9 – Sheets are washed on a daily basis but… blankets and bedspreads may be a different story (depends on the hotel…)

10 – If you have to moan at me about something please eat a mint/chew some gum first.

11 – Yes, your credit card has been declined. Yes, I can try again but it’s really unlikely to work.

12 – There is no need to threaten any member of staff, ever.

13 – Don’t worry, Do Not Disturb means Do Not Disturb, you will be left alone!

14 – Want some free stuff? Toothpaste, deodorant, WIFI etc? Just ask :) Don’t ask, don’t get.

15 – Yes, the room you’re staying in has more than likely housed some interesting people…

16 – The remotes for the TV are rarely cleaned.

17 – Hotels love charging guests for smoking when they shouldn’t. It’s really not worth trying to cover it up.

18 – In terms of room quality, you get what you pay for.

10 Lies Told To Keep Guests Happy…


1 – “There is hardly any difference when it comes to room size.”

2 – “Welcome back sir! Of course I remember you!”

3 – “Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to help.”

4 – “Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it.”

5 – “I apologise, I didn’t mean that to sound insulting in any way.”

6 – “I will mail this for you immediately.”

7 – “No, the pleasure is all mine”

8 – “I would like to offer my deepest and sincerest apologies.”

9 – “We can’t wait to see you again.”

10 – The question ‘How are you’ should not be taken literally…

Work in a hotel and have some interesting stories to anonymously spill? Or perhaps you’ve stayed in an awful hotel and want to get your own back? Contact us in the comments and we’ll add the best ones!