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25 Hilarious Excuses Used For Skiving Off Work

Written by: Sean Revell
Published on: 24 Oct 2014

I'm not skiving!

You wake up, the weather outside is horrifically bleak, you’re running late and you’ve had a ‘heavy’ weekend… You’ve used the excuse that you’re ‘under the weather’ or ‘caught the office cold’ too many times already. What do you do?


Well unfortunately I can’t help you here. What I can tell you is what not to say, or the top 10 bizarre or downright hilarious reasons that people take a day off of work. Maybe not as useful but infinitely more entertaining!


Here’s the list (compiled from 3,000 employees and 2,000 employers) via US site CareerBuilder…


1 – “I just put a casserole in the oven”


2 – “My plastic surgery needs “tweaking””


3 – “My feet ‘fell asleep’ and I fell and broke my ankle”


4 – “I’m still at a casino as had money left over from weekend”


5 – “I woke up in a good mood and didn’t want to ruin it”


6 – “I had a “lucky night” and don’t know where I am”


7 – “I got my arm stuck in a blood pressure machine”


8 – “I was undertaking ‘holistic healing’ for a gallstone”


9 – “My uniform was set on fire by drying it in the microwave”


10 – “I accidentally got on a plane”


The survey found that unsurprisingly these excuses aren’t tricking your employer with 18% saying that they had sacked an employee for lying about why they missed work.

Be careful with what you say via social media if you do take a sick day off as nearly 25% of employers have caught out a member of staff by checking out their social accounts…

We’ve also asked around the office for some of their personal favourite excuses and we can reveal these corkers…


11 – “I had a big breakfast”


12 – “I’m a bit tired”


13 – “I’ve got tickets for Northampton away (Wrexham fan)”


14 – “I tripped over my hand bag and sprained my ankle”


15 – “I can’t find my hair extensions”


16 – “I can’t find my false leg”


17 – “My bus stop is ‘Out of Service'”


18 – “I’ve put on my brother’s trousers by mistake”


19 – “I’m still drunk from the night before”


20 – “I thought I told you I had the kids this weekend”


21 – “The iron is broke so I couldn’t iron my uniform”


22 – “I didn’t realise I bought a child’s train ticket and got caught by the transport police”


23 – “I couldn’t find the place so I went to the pub instead”


24 – “My brother borrowed my shoes”


25 – “It was a nice day outside and I wanted to go to the park”


Work within recruitment and heard some fantastic sickie excuses? Have you given a sickie excuse and instantly regretted it? Get in touch in the comments section and we’ll add the best ones!