​London Too Expensive? Move To These Cities + Save A Ton Of Money!

Published on: 25 Oct 2017

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Unfortunately, London is pushing out more and more people every year with the ever-rising cost of living and non-comparable pay rises. There are lots of commutable towns outside of London but why not think about minimising your commute time (and train ticket money) and cost of living without sacrificing the salary...too much.

Here are three great cities and towns that are ideal for London escapees…


1 - Birmingham:

Birmingham is England’s second city and one of Europe's largest. The city has transformed in recent years into a thriving business and tourist centre.

Some people hear Birmingham and they think Bullring, but it’s definitely not its only attraction.

While there are plenty of car parks, public transport offers a citywide service and some running 24 hours a day. Local train links are central and more lines are due to be added. The shopping experience can truly rival London, with the Bullring, fashionable high streets and a series of markets, Victorian arcades with lots of independent and designer labels. Birmingham is also famous for its Jewellery Quarter with over 500 jewellery businesses !

The city isn’t short on culture either, with a thriving club scene for a broad spectrum of music lovers, the Birmingham Royal Ballet at the Hippodrome and it’s very own symphony orchestra at the Symphony Hall. Art galleries can be found displaying collections of modern, contemporary and Pre-Raphaelite works.

If you still need more to do there’s a 30 screen cinema complex, a botanical garden, fitness centres galore, Cadbury’s World, and a plethora of restaurants and eateries to test your taste buds !

" Wait you said I could save money? "

Well if you compare average rents and salaries, you could easily knock £1000 off of your monthly rent. True, your salary would be a little lower but on average only around £7500 a year. The savings in rent and probable commute time and cost would more than make up for it. Why not have a quick look at the job market in Birmingham now?


2 - Glasgow:

Fancy going right up north ?

Glasgow has a lot to offer and has risen over the years to be a ‘must-see’ destination and place to live.

The roads are quite congested during peak times, but the public transport system can get you around the city with much more ease. With two main train stations linking the city with the rest of the UK, there are also three local stations around the city.

Glasgow is a popular choice for music lovers with a booming music scene and a multitude of live music venues as well as an excellent clubbing scene. The food scene has grown substantially over the years with some top independent restaurants and bars. You might be forgiven for thinking you’re elsewhere in Europe!

With the second largest shopping scene in the UK, Glasgow has a huge range of high street shopping choices, two major shopping centres and the designer Italian Centre which includes Armani and Versace. Weekends can be filled with wandering the Barras market and smaller boutique shops that will have you taking home vintage records and furniture.

Just by being in Glasgow you will have superb access to Scotland's infamous walking opportunities, but you don’t need to leave the city to stay fit with a range of sports centres and leisure activities.

Could Glasgow have your dream job too? Take a look.

" Wait you said I could save money?"

You can rent a one bedroom flat in the centre for £700-£1000 a month, easily saving you a substantial amount of money. The average wage is around £27000, but with no commute and lower living costs, you can still have money left over to save!


3 - Stoke-on-Trent

Made up of six towns known as the potteries , Stoke-on-Trent is the smallest option on our list, but with only an hour to Birmingham or Manchester, it has great commutable links. There’s an old Victorian feel to the city due to it once being the home of the 19th-century pottery industry.

You can also snap up a one bedroom flat to rent for around £400-£500 per month!

Hanley is the central part of the city with the best shopping area, nightlife, a growing number of restaurants and bars. The concert hall Victoria Hall is a stop on many comedians tours as well as hosting a wide range of theatrical productions. With pottery museums, art galleries (with Picasso and Degas on display), stately estates and monkey world there’s plenty to keep you entertained in the city.

For day escapes the surrounding countryside can provide walks through nature reserves or the city lights of Manchester and Birmingham are less than an hour away on the train. Or if you need to escape the county Manchester airport is a 45-minute drive away where you can fly to a large number of short and long-haul destinations. Why not have a look at what careers await you in Stoke on Trent.

" Wait you said I could save money?"

Renting a one bedroom flat in Stoke on Trent could easily save you over £1100 a month, and the average salary is quite stable across Manchester, Birmingham and Stoke on Trent at around £27000.