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Written by: Frances Leacy
Published on: 4 Oct 2016

foodie hero

With today's growing trend of food blogs, and reality cooking programmes, including The Great British Menu and The Great British Bake off to name a couple, our senses are being overloaded. Our taste buds are being stretched, and our vision confused with plates denoting something of an experimental scene from a beach or forest than real food. It's an exciting time in the food world. Creating good, tasty, fresh and aesthetically pleasing food is quite an art. 

And whilst passion can be ignited in all of us, we don't all have the skill. Some of us can only watch and read these blogs and programmes, not understanding half the ingredients, methods or the very least technical terms that are thrown about. 

That's why we salute our many Chef's that create such joy and magic on our plates. You should be celebrated. If you have the vision, experience and creative flair, you can find your perfect job here:

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