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Job TitleLocation
Accommodation AssistantAyr
Accommodation CheckersHamworthy
Accommodation CheckersGreat Yarmouth
Accommodation CheckersBurnham-on-Sea
Accommodation CheckersFiley
Accommodation CheckersPort Seton
Accommodation CheckersReighton Gap
Accommodation CleanerFlookburgh
Accommodation CleanerExmouth
Accommodation CleanerBurnham-on-Sea
Accommodation CleanerMablethorpe
Accommodation CleanerFiley
Accommodation CleanerPort Seton
Accommodation CleanerReighton Gap
Activity Team Member Berwick-upon-Tweed
Activity Team Member Reighton Gap
Activity Team Member Flookburgh
Aftersales & Handover Maintenance TechnicianFlookburgh
AllocationistReighton Gap
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Map key

The map lists current jobs from Bourne Leisure. Different markers represent different levels of accuracy in job location.

Single job - accurate location (postcode location)
Single job - approximate location (e.g. 'Birmingham')
Multiple jobs at same location